Integrated bookings script

Manage online bookings from the website. Send automated reminders to booked guests.

Perfect Facebook match

Matching intelligent Facebook theme with setup manual included. Use social media to convert clicks to bookings

Integrated Calendar

Have events? Use the web and Facebook to keep visitors updated.

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks

RM 12.00 Fruit Cocktail RM 8.00 Watermelon RM 10.00 Fresh Juice Jambu (Guava) RM 8.00 Orange Juice RM 6.00 Fresh Lime Juice RM 8.00 Pineapple RM 8.00 Apple RM 10.00 Carrot RM 8.00 Lassi Sweet / Salt RM 10.00 Mango Lassi RM 15.00 Dry Fruit Shake RM 15.00 Anjeer Honey Shake RM 15.00 Dyr Fruit Falooda RM 15.00 Dry Fruit Lassi RM 12.00 Strawberry Milk Shake RM 14.00 Strawberry Milk Shake with Chocolate RM 12.00 Chocolate Milk Shake

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