Integrated bookings script

Manage online bookings from the website. Send automated reminders to booked guests.

Perfect Facebook match

Matching intelligent Facebook theme with setup manual included. Use social media to convert clicks to bookings

Integrated Calendar

Have events? Use the web and Facebook to keep visitors updated.



RM 8.00 Onion Pakoda RM 16.00 Paneer 65 RM 16.00 Chilli Paneer RM 16.00 Gobi Machuria RM 16.00 Gobi 65 RM 12.00 Achari Vegetable RM 16.00 Paneer Butter Masala RM 12.00 Kadai Vegetable RM 20.00 Methi Chaman RM 16.00 Palak Paneer RM 14.00 Aloo Gobi RM 10.00 Khatti Dal RM 10.00 Dal Fry RM 12.00 Dal Tadaka HR Special RM 12.00 Dal Cha HR Special RM 14.00 Hyderabadi - Kadi Pakoda RM 14.00 Bagray Baigan RM 14.00 Bhindi Masala Curry RM 14.00 Shimla Mirchi Curry RM 14.00 Mirchi Ka Salan RM 14.90 Vegetable Dum Briyani RM 14.90 Vegetable / Kaju Pulao RM 8.00 Biryani Rice RM 5.00 White Rice

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