Hyderabad Recipes

Hyderabad Recipes

Corporate Lunch Boxes

The most important thing for the corporate today is to satisfy the personnel with a quick serving palatable and healthy food at lunch. Hyderabad Recipes is concerned about the taste, calories, standard, qualities of food, as well as the satisfaction of our honorable patrons. Taking into account all aspects of the corporate, we have proudly launched ‘Special Lunch Box’ of Authentic Indian Cuisine ( Hyderabad Recipes ) for Corporate on weekdays in all over Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh, Malaysia. We take very special care to pack hygienically and maintain punctuality in our entire endeavor. There are varieties of preparations i.e. Vegetarian Lunch Box; Chicken Lunch Box; and Mutton Lunch Box, and that too in a very affordable price and majestically packed. We are always at your service with reverence and sincerity, and invite you to share with us the joy of food festivity very particularly prepared for you by Hyderabad Recipes.

Veg Lunch Box : RM 12

Chicken Lunch Box : RM 14

Mutton Lunch Box : RM 16